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Collectors' Museum

Discover the Collectors' Museum of the Historical Museum with the family tour booklet. It allows children and young people to become collectors themselves.

Children are great and passionate collectors. They are able to acquire detailed expertise about the items they collect; they classify and arrange their collections, swap them, talk shop together, show and present. So what could be more appropriate than leaving a family trail through the permanent exhibition, where everything is about collectors and collections? Various interactive stations for children with specific tasks about the collectors, their collections and on collecting itself have been included in the exhibition.

The color orange marks the family trail activity stations. Every child immediately recognises upon entering the room where they can go and find activities created especially for them. On the way through the permanent exhibition, there are things that the young visitors can collect themselves. In every collector’s room, there are fixtures with collectible cards that can be taken home to glue onto the corresponding position in the family tour booklet.