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Letterpress printing

Pre-school and older
This workshop centres on typographic text design, as well as letter-setting and printing using traditional techniques. Kids create short stories, poems or letter images on a variety of themes. Individual colour and paper selection make each print unique.


Grade 3 and above
In earlier times, special forms had to be produced for the printing of images: the motifs were etched in metal or carved from wood. In this workshop, kids can try either one of these techniques - etching or woodblock, or they can learn more about the artistic printing of frottage and monotype.

Computer lab

Grade 3 and above
Creating texts and images, editing, enhancing, layouts and printing: all of these are the focus of our computer workshop. Depending on the topic, digital cameras and a graphic program are also employed.

Digital photography

Grade 4 and above
Interesting photo images are made in the urban space with a digital camera on a variety of themes, and then edited on the computer. Kids are taught the basic techniques of image correction and effect application, and are made familiar with the possibilities of photo manipulation.

Radio studio

Grade 4 and above
Grab the microphone!  A variety of journalistic and artistic radio forms are recorded under professional supervision: From interviews to surveys, mini-dramas, a museum sound collage, or even original texts are brought to life - cinema for the ears! Afterwards, the group receives the edited material (mp3) for personal use.

For all workshops:

Workshop size: max. 10 children (for more children book several parallel workshops)
Duration: 3 hours
Admission fee: 60 € for school classes /kindergarten /day-care groups, including accompanying person, (private groups of adults and children 120 €)

Information and Registration:
069-212 35154
(Mo-Thurs: 10am - 3:30pm)

Have a Party

At the Frankfurt Young Museum children can celebrate birthday parties with their guests, and try out their technical and creative skills. Our workshops or historical role-playing rooms can be booked for parties of two or three hours, of which half an hour is reserved for food and beverages at the birthday table. Cakes and drinks must be brought, but dishes and cutlery are available. Each offer is supervised by a staff member of the Young Museum. Parties can be celebrated from Tuesday to Sunday.

Black art - traditional translation, printing and typographic design in the print workshop
from 8th birthday 3 hours

Pixel Crazy - manipulate, alter and enhance photo images in the computer lab
9th birthday and older: 3 hours

Information and registration:
069-212 35154
(Mo-Thurs: 10am - 3:30pm)

2 hours: 120 €, 3 hours: 150 €
Time includes ½ hour for food and beverages
(max. 10 children, including 2 accompanying adults)
Additional adults pay normal museum admission