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Historic Play Rooms

Trading in the Old Country Store

Grades pre-school - 4
The group becomes familiar with our over 100-year-old historical trading store. In role-playing scenes with appropriate costumes, the group re-enacts how goods were bought and sold back in the days of our great grandparents. At the same time, the school kids learn more about past social structures, income levels, as well as the origin of goods.

Daily Life in the Great-grandparents’ Kitchen

Grades 1 - 4
Different old-fashioned devices will be explored in the kitchen, and compared with today's kitchen utensils. Kids can also try out how coffee was ground a hundred years ago, or how laundry was done.

Working in the Historical Drug Store

Grades 3 - 5, in German only!
Products of the historical drugstore from around 1900 are discovered and explored, using all the senses. At the request of the customers, the druggists produce toothpaste, baking soda, cream, cleaning products or herbal blends of teas, and try them out.

These combinations are possible:

Pre-school: Old Country Store
Duration: 1,5 h hours for max. 10 children age 5 -6, with accompanying person
Admission: 75 €, private groups 150 €

Grades 1 - 4
Old Country Store & Great-grandparent's kitchen
Duration: 3 hours for max. 10 children, with accompanying person, with up to 20 children the groups swap after 1,5 h
Admission: 120 € for up to 10 children, 240 € for up to 20 children

Information and booking: 069/212-35154 (Mon-Fri 10 am-4 pm)
Early notification for guided tours with classes is requested!
Attention: Appointment changes or tour cancellations at least three days prior to appointment. Failure to notify results in a cancellation fee.