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Family trails

Family trails with interactive stations guide through the permanent exhibitions in the Historical Museum Frankfurt Once? and the Collectors' Museum. All stations are clearly visible by their orange colour. Upon entering the room, kids immediately recognizes where they can go and find activities created especially for them.

Frankfurt Once?
The activity stations in our permanent exhibition "Frankfurt once?“ enable interested visitors with children to get a first-hand experience the individual objects in the exhibition. The stations are easy to spot with their orange colour, and form a trail through the two levels of the exhibition. This family trail is aimed at children age eight and above, accompanied by adults who are interested not only in looking at objects, but who also may want to speculate on the stock exchange through a computer game, learn accounting on an abacus, or experience cooking potatoes in the Frankfurt Kitchen.

Collectors' Museum
Children love to collect things. They are able to acquire detailed expertise about the items they collect, classify and arrange their collections, swap, talk shop together, or show and tell what they’ve found. So what could be more appropriate than weaving a children’s trail through the permanent exhibition, where everything is about collectors and collections? Various interactive stations for children have been included in the exhibition, with specific tasks about the collectors, their collections, and on collecting itself.

Discover and take home collectible stickers in our scrapbook – the Collectors' Museum allows children and young persons to become collectors themselves! Together, kids and adults get to know the collections of Frankfurt personalities from the past three centuries. The collector’s scrapbook, which is available free of charge in the exhibition, has space for twelve collectible stickers, which can be picked up while discovering the exhibition.

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