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Inspiriert von den Gemälden, Grafiken und Objekten in den Ausstellungen Frankfurt Einst? oder Sammlermuseum des Historischen Museums skizziert die Gruppe vor Ort.
Im Anschluss werden die eigenen Skizzen und Ideen im Mal- oder Zeichenatelier umgesetzt. Verschiedene Themenschwerpunkte laden zur Auseinandersetzung ein, gewählt werden kann zwischen den Techniken Acrylmalerei, Zeichnen oder Collage.

Inspired by paintings, graphic works and objects in the exhibitions Frankfurt Once? or the Collector's museum, the group draws on site in the Historical Museum. The sketches will then be worked on and further developed in the studio. Four different subjects can be explored artisticly: Choose between painting in acrylic, drawing or collage.

City scapes

Grade 2 and above
The city views in the exhibition "Frankfurt Once?" show what has fascinated artists over the centuries about the urban landscape. In the workshop, individual sketches are made outside in the urban space, or from town models in the museum, and then interpreted in the painting studio.


Grade 3 and above
The portrait wall in the exhibition "Frankfurt Once?" displays very diverse kinds of portraits. Through drawing or photography, the group workshop approaches the self-image, and then works in the art studio on self-portraits or mutual portraits in large-format acrylic.

Miniature paintings

Grade 4 and above
Inspired by the miniature works in the Prehn and Morgenstern painting collections, kids create their own miniatures with acrylic paint in the art studio. The various genres are discussed, as well as the technique of acrylic painting. At the end, the group can put together their own miniature cabinet of works.

Still lifes

Grade 4 and above
Kids observe classic still life paintings from the Daems and Prehn collections, then build their own still life in the art studio using interesting objects. The workshops centres on presenting unusual objects, seeing things from a new angle and finally interpreting them on a large format in acrylic or other techniques.

Working with acrylic, drawing or making a collage is possible in all workshops.

For all workshops:

Workshop size: max. 10 children (for more children book several parallel workshops)
Duration: 3 hours
Admission fee: 60 € for school classes /kindergarten /day-care groups, including accompanying person, (private groups of adults and children 120 €)

Have a Party

At the Frankfurt Young Museum children can celebrate birthday parties with their guests, and try out their technical and creative skills. Our workshops or historical role-playing rooms can be booked for parties of two or three hours, of which half an hour is reserved for food and beverages at the birthday table. Cakes and drinks must be brought, but dishes and cutlery are available. Each offer is supervised by a staff member of the Young Museum. Parties can be celebrated from Tuesday to Sunday.

With Palette and Easel - large-format painting with acrylic paint in the art studio
9th birthday and older: 3 hours

3 hours: 150 €
Time includes ½ hour for food and beverages
(max. 10 children, including 2 accompanying adults)
Additional adults pay normal museum admission

Information and booking:
069/212-35154, Mon-Fri 10 am - 4 pm
Attention: Appointment changes or tour cancellations at least three days prior to appointment. Failure to notify results in a cancellation fee.